Course announcements

  • In this training you learn how to build a repository of disclosure- ready data. You learn how to organize chapter editions with a workflow and to use audit features. You learn how to use the solution for the publication of XBRL, EDGAR, or classic documents


  • Configure and use Disclosure Management to produce annual reports
  • Configure and use Disclosure Management to publish XBRL instances


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Help Desk / COE Support
  • Program / Project Manager
  • User



  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office


  • Basic knowledge about XBRL taxonomies and instance documents

Course based on software release

  • SAP Disclosure Management 10.0 SP6


  • Introduction to Disclosure Management
    • Presenting Disclosure Management
    • Using Disclosure Management
    • Defining the Key Concepts
  • Configuration
    • Scoping the Disclosure Management Solution
    • Creating Periods and Reports
    • Creating the Data Cache
    • Organizing the Data Cache
    • Enhancing the Data Cache
    • Refreshing the Data Cache
    • Creating a Period from an Existing Period
    • Presenting the Configuration of Formatting
    • Defining Word Templates to Format Tables
    • Defining Chapter Templates
  • Workflow and Security Configuration
    • Creating Users and Roles
    • Configuring a Workflow
  • Chapter Creation
    • Creating Chapters
    • Configuring Chapters
  • Chapter Editing
    • Editing Word Chapters
    • Defining Data Links
    • Defining Data Selections
    • Inserting Tables
    • Formatting Tables
    • Inserting a Floating Text
    • Inserting a Formula Field
    • Managing Datalinks
    • Inserting Charts
  • Data Refresh and Compare
    • Refreshing Data in Word
    • Refreshing Data in the Web
  • Workflow Utilization
    • Using the Workflow
  • Consolidated Report
    • Creating the Consolidated Report
    • Generating the EDGAR Report
  • System Monitoring
    • Monitoring the System
  • XBRL
    • Presenting the Configuration of XBRL in Disclosure Management
    • Presenting a Taxonomy
    • Creating a Taxonomy
    • Extending a Taxonomy
    • Tagging Data with XBRL
    • Tagging Word Comments with XBRL
    • Configuring Multi-Entities Publication
    • Publishing an XBRL Instance Document