Course announcements

  • This course will provide you with an overview of the key functions of Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager. Participants will learn how to use the Monitoring tools in SAP Solution Manager to detect problems in their IT landscape quicker. The capabilities of SAP Solution Manager for supporting customers in regular administration tasks will be demonstrated including the usage and creation of Guided Procedures. Root cause analysis is a key requirement for efficient support of IT solutions and a better method for resolving problems in a heterogeneous IT landscape quickly and efficiently. Customers will learn how to perform End-to End and component specific root cause analysis with the diagnostics tools in SAP Solution Manager. By leveraging the training SAP provides for end-to-end solution operations support, customers are able to resolve problems faster, the availability of their IT solutions goes up, and the amount of work involved for their IT organization goes down, all of which results in lower cost of ownership.


  • Understand and use the Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure (MAI) in SAP Solution Manager
  • Use The SAP Solution Manager Administration work center for regular admi+E35nistration tasks
  • Perform a cross-component root cause analysis with the E2E Diagnostics tools in SAP Solution Manager for performance and functional problems
  • Perform component-specific root cause analysis for ABAP and non-ABAP based systems
  • Use the CA Introscope for operation system and JAVA memory problems
  • Define and use Guided Procedures for documenting administration tasks and solutions of known issues in IT landscapes
  • Use EarlyWatch Alerts and Dashboards for analytics


  • Application Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • Knowledge of SAP AS Architecture
  • Basic knowledge of SAP Solution Manager


  • E2E040 Digital Transformation with SAP Solution
  • SM100 SAP Solution Manager Configuration

Course based on software release

  • Solution Manager System 7.2 SP03


  • Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Overview
    • Describing Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
  • Technical Monitoring
    • Describing Technical Monitoring
  • Technical Administration
    • Explaining Technical Administration
  • End-to-End Change Diagnostics
    • Describing End-to-End Change Diagnostics
  • End-to-End Workload Analysis
    • Explaining End-to-End Workload Analysis
  • End-to-End Trace Analysis
    • Explaining End-to-End Trace Analysis
  • End-to-End Exception Analysis
    • Explaining End-to-End Exception Analysis
  • SAP Solution Manager Administration
    • Describing SAP Solution Manager Administration
  • Technical Analytics
    • Describing Technical Analytics