Course announcements

  • Students that complete EDB785 and practice the skills learned will be able to administer all basic functionality of SAP IQ; this course will teach you how to keep SAP IQ up, running, stable and productive for your users while you explore the optional and advanced features of the product.


  • Describe the SAP IQ architecture
  • Install SAP IQ
  • Connect to SAP IQ
  • Plan for and create an SAP IQ database
  • Configure the server and database
  • Configure memory
  • Define SAP IQ datatypes and index types
  • Load data and manage data loading issues
  • Manage SAP IQ security
  • Create and manage multiplexes
  • Manage transactions and locking in SAP IQ
  • Monitor SAP IQ
  • Troubleshoot SAP IQ
  • Back up and restore SAP IQ databases


  • Database Administrator



  • Understanding of database concepts and database fundamentals
  • Knowledge of SQL


  • 2-4 years’ DBA experience

Course based on software release

  • SAP IQ 16 Service Pack 3


  • SAP IQ Overview and Architecture
    • Describing SAP IQ
    • Describing SAP IQ Architecture
  • Installation
    • Installing SAP IQ
  • SAP IQ Tools
    • Connecting to SAP IQ
  • SAP IQ Databases
    • Planning for SAP IQ Databases
    • Creating SAP IQ Databases
  • Server and Database Configuration
    • Configuring the Server
  • Memory Configuration
    • Configuring Memory
  • SAP IQ Data and Index Types
    • Defining SAP IQ Datatypes and Index Types
  • Table and Index Creation
    • Describing SQL in SAP IQ
    • Creating Tables
    • Creating Views
    • Creating Indexes
  • Data Loading
    • Loading Data
  • Additional Data Loading Topics
    • Inserting data
    • Resolving Data Loading Issues
  • Security Management
    • Designing a Security Model
    • Implementing a Security Model
    • Migrating Authorization
  • Multiplex
    • Creating a Multiplex
    • Managing a Multiplex
    • Managing Resources Through Logical Servers
  • Transaction Management and Locking
    • Describing Transactions and Locking in SAP IQ
  • SAP IQ Monitoring
    • Monitoring SAP IQ
  • SAP IQ Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting SAP IQ
  • Backup and Restore
    • Backing Up SAP IQ databases
    • Restoring SAP IQ databases
  • Licensing and Premium Features
    • Generating SAP IQ Licenses