• Outline the intention and usage of correspondence functionality
  • Explain the correspondence generation process
  • List Correspondence Tool functions
  • Explain the address determination procedure
  • List Correspondence Recipient Management functions
  • Summarize the process of correspondence recipient determination


  • Banking Consultants
  • Project Team Members



  • FS200 Overview of SAP for Banking
  • (or Relevant Fundamental Banking Knowledge)
  • SAP129 SAP Navigation


  • FS240 Banking Services from SAP – Basics and Generics in Transaction Banking
  • SAP01 SAP Overview

Course based on software release

  • NetWeaver 7.11
  • Banking Services from SAP, release 7.0


  • Usage and classification of correspondence
  • Components of correspondence
  • Generation of correspondence
  • Correspondence Tool:
    • Customizing
    • Types, Variants, Roles
    • Determination of application form
    • Address determination
  • Correspondence recipient management
    • Prerequisites for correspondence receipt
    • Recipient categories and Recipient groups
    • Recipient determination