Course announcements

  • This course provides the mandatory foundation knowledge required in order to understand and run business processes for SAP In-House Cash. This includes account maintenance, process automation and cash pooling processes. An introduction to important configuration settings is provided as well. It is recommended to attend the course on Business Processes in Financial Accounting (AC010) prior to this course.


  • This course will prepare the participant to:
    • Use the core business processes and functions offered by In-House Cash
    • Create the necessary master data and make the area-specific settings in Customizing


  • Project Leaders
  • Responsible members of the project team
  • Consultants



  • Familiarity with basic financial accounting functions in SAP


  • AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting
  • AC805 Cash Management

Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 6.0 EHP7


  • Introduction to FSCM and In-House Cash
    • Topics in Financial Supply Chain Management
    • Main Functions and Advantages of Using In-House Cash
  • Organizational Units in In-House Cash
    • Main Organizational Units Involved in In-House Cash
    • Functions of the In-House Cash Center
  • Master Data in In-House Cash
    • Business Partner and Other Central Data Objects in In-House Cash
    • Accounts and Limits
    • Conditions and Condition Group Categories
  • Business Processes in In-House Cash
    • Internal Payment Transactions using In-House Cash
    • Central Payments with In-House Cash
    • Central Incoming Payments
    • Cross-Bank-Area Payments
    • Local Payments with In-House Cash
    • Provisional Payments in In-House Cash
    • Use of Spreads in the In-House Bank
  • Periodic Processing – End-of-Day Transactions
    • Main End-of-Day Transactions in In-House Cash
    • Cash Concentrations
    • Transferring Postings to the General Ledger
  • Integration with Other Components
    • Cash Management Integration
    • Treasury Integration
    • Integration with Bank Communication Management
  • In-House Cash Configuration
    • Configuration of Basic Settings and Master Data
    • Configuration of Account Management
    • Configuration of Periodic Tasks
    • ALE Configuration
    • Configuration of Financial Accounting