• Adquire the necessary knowledge of the SAP TSW (Trader´s and Scheduler´s Workbench) solution for Oil & Gas including Trading integration, in order to configure the system and be ready for its implementation
  • Get an overview on how SAP TSW is integrated with other SAP Applications, services and enhancements that enrich standard TSW. Get an outlook on the future of TSW


  • Members of the Project team
  • Consultants



  • IOG100Primary and Secondary Distribution with SAP for Oil & Gas


  • SCM500Business Processes in Procurement
  • SCM600Business Processes in Sales Order Management
  • SCM601Processes in Logistics Execution

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6, SP1


  • Overview on SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) for the Oil and Gas Industry focusing on the Trader´s and Scheduler´s roles and tasks
  • TSW master data
  • Nomination and Ticket concept and use of the Nomination and Ticketing functionality
  • TSW Planning and reporting tools: SPW (Stock Projection Worksheet), Three-Way Pegging, Dynamic Scheduling as well as the Worklist process and functionality
  • TSW integration with SAP APO and Triple Point Commodity SL
  • Oil Pipeline Scenarios in the system using the functionality described above
  • Rail Car business processes managed using TSW
  • Oil Marine Scenarios using the functionalities described above
  • Set up the system (Customizing) so that the corresponding Scenarios (Pipeline and Marine) run the way you want
  • TSW integration with other SAP Applications
  • Gas Transportation Process
  • TSW enhancement with a Scheduling Cockpit- and Pipeline Visualization Tool (Services provided by SAP consulting)


  • It is not advisable to attend this course unless you have fulfilled the course prerequisites