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  • Please note that this Online Knowledge Product (OKP) is now exclusively available with SAP Learning Hub.
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 is a modeling tool for information and enterprise architects. It provides comprehensive data, information, application and process modeling with unique Link and Sync technology to assist in capturing the dependencies between each viewpoint and perspective of the enterprise. This latest release combines new capabilities for SAP integration, new innovations for architecture modeling and brings platform support up to date with all the leading vendor systems.


  • Describe SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5
  • Plan SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5
  • Implement SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5


  • Application Consultant



  • * The SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5 Learning Map is designed for experienced project participants. You require: * Familiarity with the PowerDesigner user interface and core capabilitie such as:
  • Create and edit any model type
  • Use the repository to check models in and out
  • Create and generate model reports
  • Reverse engineering and generation * For SAP Integration, knowledge equivalent to a consultant profile for least one of the following:
  • SAP HANA and HANA Modeler
  • SAP BusinessObjects for Universe Development
  • SAP Solution Manager Business Processes
  • SAP NetWeaver/BPM and BPMN notation * For XML Modeling, knowledge equivalent to a consultant profile for XML schema development


  • Core Modeling
  • SAP Integration
  • Data Modeling
  • XML Modeling