Course announcements

  • This course will provide an overview of SAP Internet of Things in the Manufacturing Industry. After taking this course you will gain an understanding of the capabilities of IoT within connected manufacturing. You will be able to explain the SAP IoT strategy, what products are included in the SAP IoT platform and how IoT connected manufacturing can transform your business.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Learn what Internet of Things (IoT) is and understand its business benefits.
    • Learn the context of IoT along the value chain.
    • Explain the SAP Strategy for IoT.
    • Identify what SAP offers to enable customers to move to IoT.
    • Identify what SAP technologies are included in the SAP IoT Platform.
    • Explain Industry 4.0 and Connected Manufacturing and the SAP Strategy.
    • Explain SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service and the SAP Strategy.
    • Learn what SAP solutions exist to support Industry 4.0 and Connected Manufacturing.
    • Explain Connected Products and the SAP Strategy.
    • Understand the PLM scenarios and learn the tools SAP provides.
    • Explain Aftermarket Service Management and the SAP Strategy.


  • Application Consultant
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Industry Specialist
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Consultant
  • User



  • None


  • None

Course based on software release

  • ECC 6.0 EhP7 SP03
  • MII
  • PCo 15.1.2


  • Unit 1 Introduction to the Internet of Things
    • Internet of Things Overview
    • What is IoT?
    • SAP Internet of Things Strategy
    • SAP IoT Strategy Overview
  • Unit 2 Introduction to the SAP Internet of Things Platform
    • Overview of SAP Technologies
    • SAP IoT Platform and IoT Foundation
    • IoT Client
    • Existing SAP IoT Applications
  • Unit 3 SAP Internet of Things Industry and Use Case Architectures
    • Industry 4.0 & Connected Manufacturing
    • What is Industry 4.0 and Connected Manufacturing, SAP Strategy, SAP Connected Manufacturing Architecture, deployment options
    • What is SAP OEE
    • What is SAP Energy Monitoring & Analytics
    • What is SAP ME SAP Connected Products
    • What is SAP Connected Products, SAP Strategy SAP Aftermarket Service Management
    • What is SAP Aftermarket Maintenance & Service, SAP Strategy SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service
    • What is Predictive Maintenance & Service, SAP Strategy
    • SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service Architecture, deployment options (On-Premise/Cloud)
    • SAP PdMS (integrated with Industry 4.0 and Aftermarket Services)