Course announcements

  • This TEWM12 Academy is a second part of the EWM Academy (first part TEWM10). The course will bring you up to speed on the configuration of advanced business processes and features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and additionally cover the Labor Management functionality in SAP EWM.


  • Configure and use advanced features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • Configure and use labor management in SAP Extended Warehouse Management


  • Application Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Architect



  • TEWM10 Extended Warehouse Management I


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP EWM 9.1


  • Basic Setup
    • Performing Basic EWM Data Setup
  • Extension of Work with Deliveries
    • Setting Up Value-Added Services
    • Setting Up Cross-Docking
    • Creating Direct Outbound Deliveries
  • Expansion of your Warehouse
    • Setting Up Yard Management
    • Setting Up the Determination of Staging Areas, Doors and Routes
    • Planning Transportation
  • Optimization of Resources and Processes
    • Setting Up Travel Distance Calculation
    • Using Mobile Data Entry
    • Working with Resources
    • Setting Up the Pick, Pack and Pass Process
  • Control of Physical Movements in the Warehouse
    • Setting Up Layout-Oriented Storage Control
    • Integrating a Material Flow System
  • Integration of Manufacturing
    • Integrating Manufacturing Processes
    • Working with Serial Numbers
    • Using Quality Management in SAP EWM
    • Setting Up a Kit-To-Order Process
  • EWM Analytics
    • Using Monitoring and Analytical Functions
  • Explanation of the features and functions of Labor Management.
  • Activating Labor Management
  • Explanation and creation of the processor master data
  • Configuration of the external steps and activities
  • Configuration of preprocessing
  • Definition and configuration of engineered labor standards (ELS)
  • Usage of the formula and condition editors
  • Explanation of the basic concepts and use of the travel distance calculation function.
  • Explanation, creation and recording of direct and indirect labor tasks.
  • Selection and evaluation of indirect labor tasks using the warehouse management monitor
  • Usage of the RF framework to create and process indirect labor tasks